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Welcome to HighMark Provisions

As a family-owned cannabis cultivator, HMP understands the importance of education and sharing. HighMark Provisions' brand new blog will keep you updated on the latest events, company news, and happenings at the facility.

Our mission is to create the luxury lane within the MA cannabis industry, while staying true to our roots. We are thrilled to produce ultra-premium flower for our consumers, and the feedback we have received has been fantastic.

What is HighMark Provisions

HighMark Provisions is a family-owned cannabis cultivation company out of Holliston, MA. At HMP, we strive to make premium products that are fresh, high-quality, and unique to the MA market. A wide variety of flower products are available, including pre-rolls, eighths, and HighMark Minis, which are quarters of smaller buds.

Where can you find HighMark Provisions

HMP strives to make quality flower accessible to all. We have a list of all the Massachusetts retailers who carry our products listed in the "Retailers" tab on the main menu.

Reach out to our team through the contact section of our website if you are a retail store interested in carrying HighMark Provisions products. Strong partnerships are key to our prosperity at HMP and we would love to hear from you!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about HighMark Provisions. Stay tuned for updates, announcements, events, and more. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

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