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HMP Website Strain Background_Thin Mintz.png
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HMP Website Strain Background_Thin Mintz.png


Thin Mintz is a highly sought-after cannabis strain. It is a powerful hybrid that embodies the benefits of both the indica and sativa worlds. This strain is a phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), inheriting its parent’s potent effects and delightful flavor profile.


Thin Mintz is celebrated for its striking appearance, with dense forest green buds adorned with a generous coating of frosty trichomes and vibrant purple hues. The strain emits a sweet and minty aroma reminiscent of its namesake, with subtle undertones of earthy and herbal notes. Overall, Thin Mintz is a top-tier strain that stands out for its flavorful profile, striking appearance, and versatile effects, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike.

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